Who is Django anyway (my apologies to those that came here in search of Jazz musicians)?

Django is my Friesian Stallion, he of the long mane, the tendrils of which are wrapped around my heart. He started blogging long before I did. Through his facebook page he has treated the world to his rather self congratulatory opinions for a while now. His interests however are a little narrower than mine, being more interested in his mares, his performances as a Grand Prix dressage horse, and most importantly where his next meal is coming from.
Dreaming because as I have worked my self further along my own inner development journey it has become more and more like delving in to the land of myth and fable where everything seems like chance but always has a lesson embedded in the experience.

A realization that much of what i learned about coaching people came from my experiences with my horses led me to co-found Horsanity with my friend and colleague Sandra Banister. Shortly thereafter we were joined by Pam Seccombe. Together we combine thousands of hours of experience with people and business development and even more with being the pupils of our horses in the tricky business of being present.

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