A New Day


Every day my horses and I wake to a fresh start; we all do. What do we do with this golden opportunity?

The horses are in the paddock, some quietly grazing, others laying down and yet others might be running around, playing a game with their mates. They have an ear cocked for the noise of the door opening that heralds the possibility of a bucket of feed, but otherwise they just enjoy the moment as it unfolds.

What do I do? If I don’t catch myself I immediately start thinking about all the things I have to do today before I can get away this afternoon for another business trip. Then I might start thinking about all the things I should have done yesterday but didn’t and worry about how I am going to fit them in amongst the fresh things I have to do today. And then …………………

Ok, stop the film, wind back. Its a new day, a glorious fresh start. Say hello mind, I know you are there but just for a few moments lets just settle into Now and let the rest of the body have its say. Breath deep of the fresh morning air, close your eyes and listen to the bird song, the noise of the horses teeth grabbing at the grass, the purr of the cat and all the other little noises in your moment. Feel the slight chill on your skin, the sun gaining a little strength. Listen to your body as it softens. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of emotions but as the mind kicks in, go back to your breath, to the feel of connection with the ground beneath your feet. Relax. Fill yourself with the strength of being in that perfect moment of infinite possibility that is the beginning of the new day. Live in the world of the horse, if only for a short while.


IMG_6861 (2) (533x800)



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