The horse sees you

Your mind is a whirl. Yesterday you walked away from the many urgent and important things on your desk. Tomorrow you will be back and the inbox will be exploding with calls up on your attention. There are colleagues, staff and clients depending on you.

You are feeling guilty. This morning you could not drop the kids off to school as you usually do on your way to work, you missed the morning race to be ready, you were long gone. Tomorrow you will be expected to slot back in to the pattern. There is family depending on you.

You are regretful. Last night you begged off early from dinner with your friend. You knew they wanted to talk for longer but you had to leave. There are friends depending on you.

You stand under the sun, a breeze on your face, the earthy scent of horse in your

nostrils. Unfamiliar. You breathe deeply and you ask the horse “Who am I?”

And the horse answers, “You are you and I see you”. And you breathe in to that thought. You are not all these things the world tells you you are; worker, parent, spouse, friend. Those are roles you play and play well, but they are not you. You simply are, and this is what the horse sees. Not the trappings of your life, but you.


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