The ever increasing demographic

Being in the midst of resurrecting my blogging skills and dipping my toe back into twitter I was merrily losing myself down an endless trail of links and came across this interesting article about the demographics of  social media usage.

Now what struck me was not the rather even distribution of use by the different age groups but the skewing of the results because of the width of the demographics. This is probably important to me as I see myself slowly approaching the abyss that is “over 55”. So we have a span of 4 years in the first group, 7 years in the next, 8 in the next, two lots of 9 years and then, well potentially 45 years plus, at least on average around 30 years. Why is it any more sensible to lump 55 to 64 year olds in with 74 to 85 years olds than it is 25 to 34 year olds with 44 to 55 year olds. Sure the pace of technological change has accelerated but it didn’t just start  55 years ago.

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